Joking about mental health

What do you think of jokes where people act like they have a mental illness/disorder? For example, someone might pretend to talk to the voices in their head, or surface multiple (fake) personalities.

Is it funny or not? Does it matter if it’s a joke that’s supposed to make a person with such a condition laugh, or if it’s meant to scare away strangers? Are there some good jokes and some inappropriate jokes?

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Everlee’s Mom

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately; things have been fairly busy around here.

I just read this blog post from Rhonda, a friend of mine. I think it fits into this blog’s theme of “minding your mind” very well.

She has suffered a huge loss… a loss that the general population will never have to experience for themselves. She gave birth to her sleeping daughter Everlee Rose at 34-weeks gestation. She has been keeping this blog to tell her story about being Everlee’s mom.

In this specific post, Rhonda reminds us from her first-hand experiences that mental illnesses are real, that some days are better than others, and that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Rhonda is going through a very difficult time, to say the least. I can tell that she’s a strong woman (even though she might disagree), not from her efforts to continue through her life, but because she is still alive.

Depression can steal that desire to live right from under you. I don’t know if Rhonda had these types of thoughts, but I know from her story that continuing to live is a monumental effort. After what she’s been through, “it’s not easy” would be a huge understatement…similar to saying that Mount Everest is just slightly taller than an ant.

You can read Rhonda’s entry for today from the link below. Feel free to read some of her other entries, too.

Being Everlee’s Mom

If you’re reading this, Rhonda:

Thank you for telling your story, and please keep it up. I know things are difficult for you, and you might not consider yourself “strong” right now. I hope you always remember that you have people who care about you, and that you can talk to them…even when things fall apart and you can’t hold your mask up any longer.

You have an amazing blog, and you have touched many lives. You are brave enough to share your feelings, even through the tears. Everlee must be proud to call you “Mom”.